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Look Back / Look Ahead: Qtrade Investor Q&A

What does user experience mean at your firm?

At Qtrade Investor, we’re obsessed with the user experience; our clients and partners are at the heart of everything we do. It’s this obsession that drives us to answer calls in half the time of our nearest competitor (Surviscor’s “The State of Financial Customer Service in Canada,” 2020), and it’s the reason we’ve won eight awards for customer service

And when we built our leading-edge portfolio analytics tools, we didn’t simply patch on a widget that would require clients to input portfolio data to use it. We integrated it within our platform, so your portfolio data is populated and automatically updated directly into the tool. It’s a simpler, more seamless way for clients to use analytics tools to build a portfolio, assess risk and maximize their returns.

What sets your firm apart from your peers?

What makes us different is our focus on the client experience. It’s not just words to us, and the proof is in our long history of industry honours. In addition to 22 awards over the past 15 years for best online brokerage across all major rankings, including The Globe and Mail, Surviscor and MoneySense, we’ve won an additional eight first-place awards in customer service experience over the past five years.

“No other broker is good in so many different areas and no other broker makes such consistent year-by-year improvements,” said Rob Carrick, personal finance columnist for The Globe and Mail, in his review of Qtrade Investor. “What impresses about Qtrade is its attention to details in supplying almost all the features investors need to be successful.”


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This Q&A was featured in the Look Back / Look Ahead magazine.

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