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Look Back / Look Ahead: Qtrade Investor Q&A

What can active investors expect from your firm?

Qtrade Investor offers the Investor Plus program, an enhanced service for active traders with larger portfolios. Investor Plus includes discounted trading fees, no fees on US-dollar registered accounts and reduced margin borrowing rates. Active traders will also enjoy the benefits of Qtrade Investor’s robust, stable trading platform, mobile-trading capabilities and award-winning customer support.

What online investing trends do you expect to matter to DIY investors?

Long before the pandemic, investors were making the shift to online platforms and, more specifically, mobile apps. This is a trend that has accelerated over time and shows no sign of slowing. We expect that Canadian do-it-yourself investors will continue to demand more-robust mobile apps to research, trade, view and make transactions in their portfolios.

Investors also require more self-service capabilities in their online brokerage, with goal-planning tools that help them assess their investment choices. Managing risk in a historically volatile market requires an online brokerage platform that provides investors with the tools to analyze their portfolio performance. We think we’ll see industry participants launch more tools for performance and risk measurement at the individual portfolio level.

Open banking is also on the horizon, and Canadian consumers can expect to see the emergence of aggregator tools that give them a full view of all their active accounts, no matter what financial institution(s) they’re with. We’ll also likely see more incentive offers, particularly during high investment seasons, as firms attempt to attract a younger demographic.

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