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Mark to Market: The “Limit Buy” Part 1

(re)Introducing Mark to Market! DIY investing is serious business, but when learning the ropes of self-directed wealth management, it helps to take a comical view.

Follow the adventures of Mark Tradewell and friends, as they wander through the complex maze of stock market terms, products and ideas, in search of understanding, confidence and mastery of personal finance.

We first launched the Mark to Market comic in 2013 as a way to take complex concepts in the online brokerage space and break them down for new DIY investors, while keeping things engaging for veteran investors. With so many new investors stepping into the markets recently, we felt it was time to bring back Mark and friends, give them a fresh coat of paint, and tackle new ideas in the online investing space.

Each episode takes a new concept or term and unpacks it in a series of parts, starting with the Limit Buy, a fundamental part of any DIY investor’s toolkit. Be sure to watch this space for part 2.