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Mobile Trading Review – National Bank Direct Brokerage

Like several of its discount brokerage peers, National Bank Direct Brokerage has opted to use a mobile-friendly website to enable users with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to access and manage their investment accounts.  As such, no special apps are required in order to access the mobile trading features of a user’s online brokerage account. The mobile website can be found at when accessed with a mobile device browser.

In this review, I walk through the various features of the National Bank Direct Brokerage mobile trading website.  The video below provides an in-depth walk-through of the features of the website in action as well as a demo on what placing a trade on their mobile platform is like.  As it goes into quite a bit of detail, the video is a bit long so if you are interested in seeing the walk-through on placing a trade, you can skip to 17:33 to view it.


For this review, I used an iPhone 4S with a 4G internet connection and conducted the test from downtown Vancouver.  Although I was downtown, the signal strength in my particular location was about 50% – 75% full so my internet connection may have resulted in a slower browsing experience.

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