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Mobile Trading Review – Disnat Classic

This review covers the mobile trading website ( for Disnat Classic as tested on an iPhone 4s with a 3G internet connection and a demo trading account. To access the video review, click on the video player below.

Disnat offers several different account types for investors of different activity levels.  Disnat Classic is typically for less active investors whereas their Disnat Direct offerings are geared towards active traders.

As it is a mobile website, Disnat Classic’s mobile trading platform is lightweight and performs well in terms of loading speed and executing requests.  The biggest constraint on speed is really the internet connection.  With an iPhone 4s and a less than full 3G connection, load times for pages were acceptable.

Trader’s Lens Webcast – Episode 2: Disnat Classic Mobile Website Review

My overall impression of the Disnat Classic mobile website is that it is definitely functional and intuitive to navigate. It handled order entry, account information look-ups and quote fetching well.  The text links were a more descriptive choice than just using icons alone to navigate and the menus at the bottom of each screen made navigating between sections of the mobile site very easy.

There was, however, room for improvement in the research, support and options trading areas.

While the information was able to be retrieved quickly, there were pieces of information that would have been more useful when looking up a stock quote for example.  Items such as multi-timeframe charts or extra information on a company (fundamental and/or technical) are helpful to have when making decisions around entering or exiting a trade.  Also missing from the mobile trading area of the website was a help/contact us link which would be very helpful for supporting new users.

As such, the Disnat Classic mobile website tool is much stronger at managing existing positions and monitoring accounts than it is at conducting research or opening new positions (especially options positions).  Users can expect a nimble site that has essential features, intuitive choices and fast load times however the current site doesn’t offer many of the extra features present on several other discount brokerages’ sites.

To learn more about Disnat’s mobile platform, you can check out their page here.

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