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Investment Conference Recap: World Money Show Vancouver 2012

This stop on the World Money Show circuit brought with it quite a few interesting speakers and exhibitors.  The list of speakers included such notable Canadian personalities as Larry Berman and Danielle Park, both of whom had very good turnouts (Danielle’s was standing room only!).  Some international guests included Marc Faber, aka “Dr. Doom” who managed to keep audience members nervously amused at his analysis of current financial markets and the potential pitfalls to come.

In addition to some great and opinionated speakers, there were several interesting exhibitors including several discount brokerages, some very well-known American large cap companies, such as GE and Proctor & Gamble, as well as one of the newer Canadian stock exchanges, Alpha Exchange.

These events present great opportunities to learn more about investing and trading and even pick up some very cool promotional items (my personal favourite was the slick Alpha Exchange water bottle).  While having to be on your guard about giving your information away, some incentives like shares in GE or Proctor & Gamble are pretty tempting conference promotional items.

Like many conferences, being prepared makes for a much less overwhelming experience.  Even though it’s important to know who you are most interested in listening to, sometimes it is also important to get different perspectives on investing ideas you’re considering.

To find out more about the MoneyShow series of events, you can visit their website at:

If you’d like to find out about other investment conferences and events, including investment education webinars going on in Canada, you can check out our events page.

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