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Discount Brokerage Deals & Promotions – December 2013

*Updated 12/27/13*

It had to happen sometime – Questrade has now become the first Canadian discount brokerage to offer a Boxing Day promotion.  The deal being offered is 25 commission-free trades that do not expire until the end of 2014 for a minimum deposit of $25,000.  Like any good Boxing Day deal, this offer is set to expire on January 2nd, 2014 which doesn’t give folks a lot of time to act if they’re interested. This offer now directly competes with RBC Direct Investing’s most recent 25 commission-free trade offer.  For more information on the latest Questrade deal, see the table below.

*Updated 12/12/13*

Hot off the heels of Black Friday, many folks are still in deal hunting mode.  For those shopping for a discount brokerage account, fear not as there are still some decent deals to be found.  While some deals were announced at the middle of last month, two very big deal extensions are a part of this month’s discount broker deal offers.

Expired Deals

The deals that have officially expired as of the end of November are:

  • Scotia iTrade’s $150 Cash Back Offer

Pending Deals

[Update 12/12/13: Scotia iTrade has updated their website terms and conditions for these deals both of which are now in the extended deals section]

This is a new status of deal which reflects the fact that deals are still appearing on the discount broker’s website at the time of publication however the terms and conditions information states that the deals are technically expired.  These will be reviewed again within the week to see whether they are going to be renewed.  The deals currently ‘pending’ are:

  • Scotia iTrade’s Refer-a-Friend Offer
  • Scotia iTrade’s Flight Desk Offer


Extended Deals

Some good news for deal hunters is that a pair of deals from Questrade and RBC Direct Investing have been extended. Questrade has extended its 100 commission free trade offer until the beginning of March 2014 whereas the deal for 25 commission-free trades from RBC Direct Investing has been extended out until further notice.

The deals that have been extended are:

  • RBC Direct Investing’s 25 Commission Free Trade Offer
  • Questrade’s 100 Commission-Free Trade Offer
  • Scotia iTrade’s 100 Commission-Free Trade Offer
  • Scotia iTrade’s Refer-a-Friend Offer

New Deals

[Update 12/27/13: Questrade has launched a boxing day promotion where individuals opening a new account with Questrade and depositing $25,000 can receive 25 commission-free trades which are good for use for all of 2014. This deal is a limited time offer with an expiry date of January 2, 2014. ]

Although technically not a new deal, the Questrade iPad mini or $250 cash back offer is being included in the list of deals. Previously a similar offer was part of a ‘contest’ and not a stand-alone deal which is why it was not listed. In addition, TD Direct Investing revived its 50 commission-free trade offer in the middle of last month. That deal expires on December 20th for those who might be interested in opening a TD Direct Investing account before the end of 2013.

As always if there are any new deals you hear of or if there’s any that have been missed, drop us a note here.

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Discount Brokerage Deals

Company Brief Description Minimum Deposit Amount Commission/Cash Offer Type Time Limit to Use Commission/Cash Offer Details Link Deadline
Jitney Trade A Sparx Trading exclusive offer! Use the promo code “Sparx Trading” when signing up for a new account with Jitney and receive access to their preferred pricing package and a massive 45% discount on the Real Tick trading platform. n/a Discounted Commission Rates none For more details click here none
Open a new trading account with HSBC InvestDirect and receive 50 commission-free trades good for use up to 60 days after account opening. n/a 50 commission-free trades 60 days For more details on the free trade offer read the terms and conditions and also the frequently asked questions December 31, 2013
Open a new account (TFSA, Margin or RRSP) and receive $50 commission credit . Use promo code: kdkfnbbc $1,000 $50 commission credit none none none
Refer a friend to Questrade and when they open an account you receive $100 and they receive $50. To receive this deal you must be an existing client with an equity account and refer a person that does not reside with you and who has not previously opened a Questrade account. $1,000 $50 commission credit (friend) $100 commission credit (referrer bonus) 60 days Refer a friend none
Open a new account (TFSA, Margin or RRSP) by March 1 2014 A) $1000 or B) $10,000 to receive either A)10 commission-free trades or B)100 commission-free trades. The promo code QT100 must be used at time of account opening. There are many conditions attached to this offer so be sure to read the details link for more information. A)$1,000 B)$10,000 A)10 free trades B)100 free trades 60 days 100 commission-free trades March 1, 2014
Open a new account with TD Direct Investing before December 20, 2013 and deposit either A)$5,000 to $24,999 B)$25,000 to $49,999 or C)$50,000 or more to receive commission credits for A) 3 trades, B)10 trades or C) 50 trades. Be sure to read the details about keeping your account balance at qualifying levels, eServices subscription as well as other terms and conditions. A)$5,000 B)$25,000 C)$50,000+ A) 3 Trades (max value $87) commission credit B) 10 trades (max value $290) commission credit C) 50 trades (max value $500) commission credit Must use trades by 4pm (E.T.) February 28, 2014 50 Free Trades Offer December 20, 2013
Scotia iTrade If you refer a friend/family member who is not already a Scotia iTrade account holder to them, both you and your friend get a bonus of either cash or free trades. You have to use the referral form to pass along your info as well as your friend/family members’ contact info in order to qualify. There are lots of details/conditions to this deal so be sure to read the details link. A)$10,000 B)$50,000+ A) You(referrer): $50 or 10 free trades; Your “Friend”: $50 or 10 free trades (max total value:$99.90) B) You(referrer): $100 cash or 50 free trades; Your “Friend”: $100 cash or 50 free trades (max total value: $499.50) 60 days Refer A Friend to Scotia iTrade December 31, 2013
Scotia iTrade Open and fund a new Scotia iTRADE account with at least $25,000 before March 31, 2014 and the commissions associated with your first 100 trades placed within 60 days of the date the account is activated and funded are free. Also, the new FlightDesk platform is being offered for free for 60 days. Use promo code 100FT. See details link for further terms and conditions. $25,000 100 commission-free trades ($999 value @ $9.99 commission rate) 60 days Scotia iTrade 100 free trades + FlightDesk March 31, 2014
Open a new account at Questrade by January 2, 2014 and fund it with a minimum of $25,000 to receive 25 commission-free trades which can be used throughout 2014. Use offer code BOXING13 when signing up for the account to qualify. Be sure to read the terms and conditions associated with this offer for more details. $25,000 25 commission-free trades End of 2014 Questrade Boxing Day Promo January 2, 2014
Open and fund a new account with $25,000 or more and you will qualify for 25 free trades. The offer code changed with different visits to the site, so click through the RBC Direct Investing homepage to generate a valid code. There are a number of terms and conditions attached to this offer, be sure to read see the details link. $25,000 25 commission-free trades (no restriction on commission rate listed) 365 days 25 Free Trades Offer Terms & Conditions ; To generate an offer code, click here none
Disnat Disnat isoffering new & existing clients $300 in commission credits which can be used for up to 6 months. To be eligible, new/existing clients need to deposit $50,000 into a Disnat account. You’ll have to call 1 800 268-8471 and mention promo code Disnat300. See details link for more info. $50,000 $300 commission credit 6 months Disnat $300 Commission Credit Promo December 31, 2013
BMO InvestorLine Open a new account or upgrade an existing account with A) $50,000 or more OR B)$100,000 or more and receive either A)250 commission-free mobile-placed trades OR B) 250 commission-free mobile-placed trades + $250 cash back. Use Promo Code: MOBILE when signing up to qualify. NOTE: There are lots of details/important conditions attached to this promotion. Be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully. A) $50,000 B)$100,000 A) 250 commission free mobile-placed trades B) 250 commission free mobile-placed trades + $250 Cash Back Payout occurs after 6 months Free Mobile Trading/Cash Back Offer January 6, 2014
BMO InvestorLine If you refer a new client to BMO InvestorLine and they open an account with a)$50,000 – $249,999 or b)$250,000+ the referrer and the referee will both receive cash. The new account must be opened with the referral code specific to the referrer. A) $50,000 – $249,000 B) $250,000+ A) You(referrer): $200; Your Friend(referee): $50 B) You(referrer): $300; Your Friend: $100 Payout occurs after 60 days (subject to conditions). Refer-a-Friend terms and conditions can be located by logging into the InvestorLine panel under “account services” or by contacting BMO InvestorLine directly December 31, 2013
Open a new account or transfer new assets of $100,000 or more and choose between receiving either a)A 16GB iPad Mini or B)$250 cash back. Be sure to choose the appropriate code (IPADMINIW13 for the iPad Mini and CASH250W13 for the cash back offer) for each offer. There are several important conditions so be sure to read the terms and conditions for this offer. $100,000 A) iPad Mini (16 GB) [~$270-320 value] B) $250 Cash Payout/iPad delivery occurs after 30 days. iPad Mini or $250 Cash Back March 1, 2013

Transfer Fee Deals

Company Brief Description Maximum Transfer Fee Coverage Amount Deposit Amount for Transfer Fee Eligibility Details Link Deadline
Move your brokerage account to Questrade and they’ll cover the transfer-out fee up to $150. $150 $25,000 Transfer Fee Promo none
Transfer $25,000 or more to TD Direct Investing and they will pay up to $150 in transfer fees $150 $25,000 50 Free Trades Offer December 20, 2013
Transfer $25,000 or more to RBC Direct Investing and they will pay up to $135 in transfer fees $135 $25,000 Transfer Fee Rebate Details none
Transfer $25,000 or more to a National Bank Direct Brokerage account and they will pay up to $135 plus taxes in transfer fees $135 $25,000 Transfer Fee Rebate none
Qtrade Investor Qtrade Investor will reimburse your transfer fee up to $125 when transferring a balance of $25,000 or more. For reimbursement, please mail or fax a copy of your statement from the transferring institution that shows the transfer charge to Qtrade Investor at 604.484.2627 and indicate your Qtrade Investor account number. $125 $25,000 Transfer Fee Promo none
Disnat Disnat is offering up to $150 to cover the cost of transfer fees from another institution. To be eligible, new/existing clients need to deposit $50,000 into a Disnat account. You’ll have to call 1 800 268-8471 and mention promo code Disnat300. See details link for more info. $150 $50,000 Disnat $300 Commission Credit Promo December 31st, 2013
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