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RBC Direct Investing (re)Launches Investor Education Seminars

After a long vacancy on the RBC Direct Investing website, the free educational seminars section looks like it has finally come back to life.

For quite some time, the investor education seminars section has been more or less dormant and was pointing visitors to set up one-on-one sessions with its reps at investor centres. Recently, however, RBC Direct Investing has begun holding educational seminars (from September through to November) at their investor centres in Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver.

As can be seen in the screenshot below, these sessions will be held at around lunch time and last approximately one hour.

RBC Direct Investing Education Seminar Schedule 2013

The current investor education sessions appear to be geared towards orienting individuals on how to navigate the RBC Direct Investing platform and features rather than providing specialized education on investing related topics.

Included in the session I attended were overviews on:

  • funding an account
  • how to access support
  • third-party research tools
  • goal setting features and
  • RBC Direct Investing communities & forums

One of the most interesting features mentioned in the Vancouver session I attended was on the community and forums section that is currently in beta-testing.  Other than Questrade, there are no other Canadian discount brokerages that are offering dedicated investor-focused forums or communities.

As yet, there are no confirmed announcements for further topics or sessions.  That said, for individuals considering RBC Direct Investing and who want to learn more about what the kinds of features and functionality offered at RBC Direct Investing, this would be a helpful session.  Alternatively, there are always one-on-one sessions that can be booked with the RBC Direct Investing reps at the investor centres.

More information about RBC Direct Investing’s educational seminars is available on their website and for more information on other educational seminars currently being offered by other discount brokers, check out the  investor education calendar section.

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