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Mobile Trading Review – Qtrade

This mobile trading website review covers the major features of Qtrade Financial’s MobileWeb as well as some of the strengths and limitations for self-directed investors looking to trade on the go on this platform. Access to the mobile website is possible by pointing a mobile browser to

As with the previous mobile trading reviews, a video walk-through was done (see below) to demonstrate what it is like to navigate through the different portions of the mobile website as well as what it is like to look up a quote.

Given the large number of features on the mobile trading website, the video is a bit long. For viewers who wish to skip to the conclusion/summary, simply go to the 23:50 mark in the video.


The review of the mobile trading website was done using an iPhone 4S and with a 4G internet connection. A screenshot (below) was taken before the test to illustrate the connection speed, which came in at 3.3 megabits per second (Mbps) on the download and 0.54 Mbps on the upload.  The test was conducted from downtown Vancouver and the signal was about ¾ of full strength.

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