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Discount Brokerage Weekly Roundup – May 17th 2013

We are back with the Discount Brokerage Weekly Roundup! Here’s the latest news from Canadian discount brokerages this past week:

JitneyTrade and Credential Direct have stepped into the investor education game offering learning webinars to their clients. A look at JitneyTrade’s Twitter feed gave us the low-down on a series of webinars about market analysis and breakout patterns they have been offering over the last week.

Credential Direct has also launched into providing educational webinars with their first one being on technical analysis. The description of the event sounded familiar, and so a quick check of the Recognia website showed that it is, in fact, a Recognia focused educational seminar.


As they launch into providing these webinars, it appears that both JitneyTrade and Credential Direct still have a bit of work to do in order to make this information easier to find. In JitneyTrade’s case, this information was only available on their Twitter feed and is not listed as a dedicated section on their website.  For Credential Direct, they do have a big advertisement for the seminar on their homepage, but they haven’t posted the webinar in their education section.  Whether or not they continue to offer webinars in the future remains to be seen however, in the meantime you can check up on educational event information on our calendar.

In other JitneyTrade news, the discount brokerage has launched support for a new platform called RealTick Express. According to their website, the RealTick Express was “conceived for the active trader … who maintains 75-200 trades per month”.  For more information, visit the RealTick website.

Several major financial institutions (including discount brokerage JitneyTrade) were spotted as sponsors to the first ever  FinTech Conference 2013 which took place yesterday in Montréal. According to the website’s description of the event, the event is “intended to promote financial application development to attendees from the finance, information technology and risk management sectors, both domestically and abroad. The conference also seeks to help discover new talents, create networking opportunities, raise interest in the combined fields of finance and information technology, as well as contribute to the visibility of Montréal’s financial technology expertise.”  For an overview of the Twitter analytics of the FinTech conference, click here.

Finally, BMO InvestorLine has come out with a study that reports 81% of Canadians between the ages of 18 and 34 see themselves investing online in the next five years with the percentage of online investors tripling in the next decade. This seems to be great news for online discount brokerages in Canada. It remains to be seen how they will capitalize on this opportunity and which discount brokerage will score the most points with new and experienced investors alike.

That’s all for now! If you come across any juicy discount brokerage news, contact us via email, Twitter or Facebook.

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