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Social Media and Investing – Series Introduction

Investors are always on the hunt for information that will put them one step ahead of everyone else in the market.

In the past, the sources of information for investors included newspapers and television news programs, company annual reports, investment advisors and brokers, the stock exchange itself as well as investor conferences and tradeshows just to name a few.  Countless surveys and research have shown that one of the most powerful sources of information about investing is from other investors, be they family, friends or other trusted sources.

While turning to one’s social network to get information is not new, over the last few years, it has become increasingly easy to do.  Moreover, it is now possible to tap into the networks of one’s own network. No longer are do-it-yourself investors limited to traditional channels for information; investors can now also use social media as part of their information matrix.

This special series on investing and social media analyzes the various social networks/platforms to understand what kinds of resources and hazards they hold for retail investors.

The networks we will be covering include:

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