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Mark to Market: The “Limit Buy” Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of Mark to Market, the comic where we break down complicated market concepts into easy to understand comics. 

In part 1 of this chapter, Mark Tradewell, a fictional DIY investor, decided to invest some of his funds in his Tax Free Savings Account into shares of the ABC company. When he got to the market, however, he encountered three different kinds of price information: a bid price, an ask price, and a last price. Now that Mark has figured out what those prices mean, he’s ready to invest. But how?

Follow the adventures of Mark Tradewell and friends, as they wander through the complex maze of stock market terms, products and ideas, in search of understanding, confidence and mastery of personal finance. Each chapter takes a new concept or term and unpacks it in a series of parts, starting with the Limit Buy, a fundamental part of any DIY investor’s toolkit. Be sure to watch this space for part 3.