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Questrade to offer unlimited free trades

We spotted the latest deal offered by Questrade – and it is a big one.  On the heels of Scotia iTrade’s offer of 100 days of unlimited trading, Questrade has responded by offering up to 3 months with unlimited trades.  While a slightly less amount of time than Scotia iTrade’s deal (100 davs vs ~90 days), the Questrade deal offers the potential for unlimited trading with much lower funding requirements for two of the three promotion levels.   Here’s how the deal breaks down:

  • With $50,000, you get 3 months unlimited trading
  • With $25,000 you get 2 months unlimited trading
  • With $1,000 you get 1 month of unlimited trading

The $1,000 deposit level is among the best deals we’ve seen going and the $25,000 is also pretty competitive.  For more info, check out Questrade’s Infinite Deal page here.

To compare this deal to other discount brokerage promotions, check out our current deals page here.

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