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November is Financial Literacy Month

Fall is the time of year across Canada where we get to see leaves change from green to red.  In order to avoid your going in the same direction as the leaves, enhancing your financial literacy is something all Canadians can benefit from.  November is financial literacy month and through it we will be posting content and passing along small and easy ways to enhance and promote your own financial literacy.   There are numerous financial literacy events going on across the country which we highly encourage all Sparx visitors to support and attend.

One of the first places we’d like to mention is the sponsoring agency for financial literacy month – The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada.  On their website, there is lots of information for consumers on:

  • banking
  • budgeting and money management
  • credit cards
  • payment options and money transfers
  • mortgages
  • credit and loans
  • savings and investments
  • insurance
  • fraud

Stay tuned to in the coming days for more exciting content on getting to know more about finance!