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Stock Market Education Videos – TD Ameritrade

Stock market education videos was the theme of today’s online hunt and we found a great educational resource for investors on the TD Ameritrade website. There are just over 40 videos on topics for beginner, intermediate and advanced investors. In addition to videos, however, there are links to over 80 webcasts, various articles, courses and publications.  Even though there is a lot of material geared towards US investors on there, Canadian investors looking to learn about stocks, options and investing will have a lot of well-prepared materials to go through.

We’ve also summarized the different topics according to experience level below. To visit their page click here. As an FYI, we’ve also got more video material that we’ve collected links to here.

Title Length New Investor Intermediate Investor Advanced Investor Expert Investor
Avoiding Common Investor Behavior Pitfalls 5:54
Balancing Your Portfolio 4:27
Diversifying Your Portfolio with Bonds 4:49
Diversifying Your Portfolio with Stocks 5:07
ETF Diversification 2:26
Individual Investment and Market Risk 2:33
Introduction to ETFs 3:25
Investing Basics: Options 4:54
Investing Basics: Stocks 4:15
Long-Term Investment Performance 11:14
Making Retirement Income Last 4:05
Mutual Funds Commissions and Fees 3:45
Mutual Funds Style Analysis 3:34
Portfolio Diversification 4:53
Portfolio Performance 4:46
Potential Returns for Value and Growth Stocks 3:14
Reducing Risk for Your Long-Term Goals 4:03
Understanding Value and Growth Stocks 3:57
Allocating for Target-Dated Funds 4:22
Defining Target-Dated Funds 3:12
Determining Retirement Income Sources 3:09
Diversifying through Sector Investing 4:01
Diversifying Your Portfolio through Global Investing 4:46
Exploring Frontier Markets 3:36
Handling Market Downturns 3:15
Interest Rates and Stock Prices during Downturns and Recoveries 4:57
Investing in Commodities 4:10
Investing in Emerging Markets 3:17
Opportunities and Risks in Sector Investing 5:01
Performance and Market Cycles 3:17
Risks and Returns in Commodity Investing 6:01
Taxes and Investment Performance 5:07
U.S. Market Downturns and Recoveries 3:39
Understanding Investing Risks 8:26
Understanding Target-Dated Funds 4:21