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The Mindless Investor – preview

mindless investorIn his soon to be released book, The Mindless Investor, Tyler Bollhorn goes ‘head to head’ with the biggest enemy of most stock traders: their common sense. According to the main theme of the book, if you try to use your head you won’t get ahead and that is because, as Tyler puts it, “without understanding what drives stock prices and how your decisions are affected by the stress of risk-taking, you can only do well in the market if you’re lucky.”

The book itself will cover quite a bit of ground, with chapter topics that could (and should) form a list of good trader habits to tape to one’s wall. Topics such as “never fall in love”, “let your profits run” and “stop working hard” are gems that most experienced traders will tell you they’ve had to learn the hard way. Certainly picking up a book written by an experienced trader is a much cheaper way to learn some of the valuable lessons many traders end up paying much more to learn.

While it is formally set to launch early next year, Tyler has been providing snapshots of the Mindless Investor via his free newsletter at and will be offering an early look at the book to attendees of the upcoming sessions with Michael Campbell in Calgary on October 29th and Vancouver on October 30th.

To get a few tips from Tyler on using ‘uncommon sense’, check out our interview with him here.