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10 Questions Investors Might be Too Embarrassed to Ask

While wading through the internet today, I came across this post on  It is the first of a two part series authored by, an investor information site, and it describes 10 questions that investors might feel a bit sheepish about asking.   The questions that are brought up could take up entire chapters or even books to fully answer, so these brief answers are a good starting point to exploring these questions.  The questions the article covers are provided below.

  1. Am I missing out by not investing in stocks?
  2. How do I find research by analysts and how would I know if an analyst is any good?
  3. What are the most important indicators of a stock’s health?
  4. What’s a dividend?
  5. If I hear about an upcoming IPO, how can I buy into it?
  6. I always hear about investors shorting a stock. What does that mean?
  7. What are the differences between preferred and common stocks?
  8. What’s a decent return for nonprofessional investors?
  9. Can I invest in a hedge fund? Should I?
  10. What’s an ETF and why should I care?

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