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Questrade mobile trading app officially released

Earlier this week, Questrade officially launched their IQ Mobile for Android and iPhone and with that they join the rank of other discount brokerages who’ve created mobile-friendly sites or smartphone apps for trading (to see who else offers mobile trading apps check out our review here).

Questrade’s mobile trading app will help investors and traders execute trades, find out stock quote information and check their account and trade position statuses from their smartphones.  The stock price quotes are provided as “snap quotes” (meaning you need to click to refresh the prices). One of the neat features is the integration of the mobile platform with their other IQ trading platforms.   Blackberry users will have to wait until the fall for a version of the mobile IQ compatible with their smart phones.

To learn more about the IQ mobile platform, you can click here and if you want to see Questrade’s video tour of the IQ mobile, check out the video below.

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