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Get Smarter About Money


Technical Analysis Tools: no

Fundamental Analysis Tools: no

Markets Covered:  Canada

Notes: Get Smarter About Money is a collection of really well-written and easy to understand resources on personal finance, including many sections and resources related to investing.  Although this is not a tool for stock-specific research, it is a very handy website to consult, especially for beginner investors. There are a number of reasons why this is an important resource for Canadian retail investors to know about, however here are three that we think are most important.

First, this site is sponsored by the Ontario Securities Commission Investor Education Fund, a program developed to “unbiased, independent financial information, programs and tools to help consumers make better financial and investing decisions.” This certainly earns them a gold star in our books.

Second, they have great content around financial planning and literacy.  Investing and trading are just two of the ways you can impact your financial bottom line.  Knowing the landscape of your options, understanding product options or just having a basic grasp of budgeting and financial management – all of these contribute in different ways to making you a savvier investor and trader. Their sections on identifying investment fraud are also super important to take note of.

Third, you get to learn more about other investors and from other investors.  As a self-directed investor or even as someone who wants to take better control of their investments, it can feel like a lonely road.  The research, surveys, articles and stories shared by the different writers (known as the “Masters of Money”) are great to learn about the landscape of other Canadians who are trying to take control of their personal finances.

Overall, this is a great site to know about and to stay plugged in to get you on the right track to personal financial success or to help keep you there. With a wise looking owl for a mascot, it’s reassuring to know that this is a site that definitely gives a hoot!


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