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Event Review – Small-Cap Conference Vancouver 2012 attended the Small-Cap Conference Series held in Vancouver on April 10th. We went for a status update on the small-cap (short for small market capitalization – check out Investopedia’s definition here) companies but what we got was so much more. Guest speakers Ryan Irvine of KeyStone Financial Publishing Corp., Theodor Tonca of Vancouver Value Investors Club and Brent Todd of Canaccord Wealth Management educated the audience on the intricacies of trading small-cap stocks.

Most notable was Brent Todd’s approach to investing: “heads you win a lot, tails you don’t lose much” creating good odds for investors. Theodore Tonca discussed ownership of a stock as the same as ownership of a company and Ryan Irvine noted that focused diversification is where it’s at; owning 8-12 stocks is the sweet spot.

Conferences like this make us realize that learning is continuous and that the investment of time made (the conference was free!) is well-worth the confidence in trading later. We hope you take advantage of all conferences, learning seminars and webinars happening in your area. Another small-cap conference is coming up on May 10th 2012 in Calgary. For a full list of upcoming educational conferences and events check out our events calendar here.

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