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Technical Analysis Tools: Yes

Fundamental Analysis Tools: Yes

Markets Covered: US, Canada

Notes: Tradescores is a great market analysis and training tool for beginners and intermediate traders. One of the greatest features of this site is the trading simulation tool which allows you to practice what it would be like to execute trades with a “practice” account. Unlike many other great simulators out there, what really makes this one stand out and worth using is the focus on risk management. Most simulators unfortunately only provide you with your percentage gained or loss in dollar terms – a real weakness in my opinion, because controlling risk is crucial to success in the stock market. Tradescores, on the other hand, forces you to use risk management techniques every time you place an order. By tracking your trades and showing you how much risk you are taking, this tool really helps traders zero in on developing this critical skill. The charting and interface are also fairly user friendly and so it earns high marks for a great set of features and user-friendliness. As an added bonus, there’s a community challenge that you can participate in to show off your trading skills with!

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